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      Q: Can I download the presentation slides?
      A: Absolutely! Here are links to the decks:
      Break Slides
      Presentation Slides 

      Q: Are recordings made available afterwards?
      A: Yes, all sessions are being recorded and will be posted to MVA. We will send the URL to all attendees when they're published in approximately 2 weeks.

      Q: How can I get a question answered?
      A: From the Q&A tab, simply type your question and post. We have a team of content experts online answering chat questions. Please be patient, we’ll get to your question as quickly as possible. Thanks!

      Q: Can I get a copy of the Q&A Log?
      A: Yes! We will be sending you a copy of the Q&A Log (publicly-answered questions only) via email after the event.

      Q: Can I earn MVA Points for attending this Jump Start event?
      A: Yes, you can! Follow these steps to be awarded 50 MVA Points!
      (1) Visit http://aka.ms/MVA-Voucher
      (2) Be sure you’re signed in (new users will need to register)
      (3) Enter the following voucher code*: ASPNETMVC4
      *This offer expires on October 18, 2013

      Q: What can I do about video/audio issues?
      A: First step is always to press [Ctrl]+[F5] to force a complete browser refresh. If this doesn’t work, here are a few other steps you can try (roughly in order):
      1) If you’re using wireless, try a fixed connection.
      2) Mouse over the bottom of the video window and switch from 'High Quality' (1,000 kbps) to 'Standard Quality' (500 kbps).
      3) If you’re using the 64-bit version of IE on a 64-bit system, switch to the 32-bit version.
      4) Disable the Aero theme on Windows Vista 64-bit.
      5) Try opening the video stream outside of the virtual event environment. For Silverlight please use http://microsoftlive.apa.at/Player/Silverlight. For Flash please use http://microsoftlive.apa.at/Player/FlashJWPlayer.
      6) Silverlight is not supported in Windows 8 start menu mode; Windows 8 users: please switch to Internet Explorer in desktop mode in order for Silverlight to be operational.

      For all those who experience issues with the Silverlight or Flash stream in the video player, we have opened a separate Windows Media stream! To get the stream into Windows Media Player, please open Windows Media Player, hit [Ctrl]+[U] and enter the following URL: http://insinceu-138cfc.wm.llnwd.net/insinceu_138cfc

      Q: Does Microsoft offer any good free training?
      A: Yes! Check out www.MicrosoftVirtualAcademy.com!

        Start Time: 9:00am PDT | Time Zone Converter

        We will have 10-minute breaks approximately
        every hour and a 1 hour "meal break"
        around 12:00pm.

        All times are PDT and approximate.

        01 | Introduction to MVC 4
        02 | Developing ASP.NET MVC 4 Models
        03 | Developing MVC 4 Controllers
        04 | Developing ASP.NET MVC 4 Views
        05 | Integrating JavaScript and MVC 4
        06 | Implementing Web APIs
        07 | Deploying to Windows Azure
        08 | Visual Studio 2013 / MVC 5 Sneak Peek

        We hope you enjoy the course!

        Please visit the FAQ tab for great information.
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    Jon Galloway

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    Christopher Harrison

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